I Saw Jesus Today

To say God works through others is such an understatement.

I watched Jesus, hungry after waking up in six feet of snow by the railroad tracks, make His way to a church on 7th Street in Little Rock, and I watched Him welcomed with open arms, despite missing teeth and smelling of the streets. I watched Him smile and work to make all those around Him smile despite living with disease and unable to work.

I watched Jesus pass out blankets before bedtime to more than 70 homeless men and women who were trying to stay warm in the frigid temperatures of late. I watched Him slowly walk up and down the aisles with a smile on His face, asking each person if they were comfortable and if they needed anything.

I listened as Jesus told a story of His spouse’s death and of living a nomad’s life for more than four years. He said He was picked up by someone while sleeping under a bridge and brought in from cold. I listened as Jesus poured out love for His Creator and exclaimed how good God was and how much He’d given Him after all of this.

I watched Jesus as He pulled up to the church with His wife, in a van packed to the brim with blankets, sleeping bags, coats, hats and gloves, as He headed out into the 14 degree, ice-covered camps and bridges to find those that had been missed, or those unwilling to come in from the cold, and I watched Him prepare Himself to give each of them a sleeping bag or coat to help them get through the night alive.

I saw Jesus take care of His adopted son, who was slow, but sweet. The son had been picked on and treated poorly and taken advantage of. Jesus took him in, no questions asked and protected him, knowing it might mean life or death and knowing He couldn’t provide for His own family. He took him in anyway.

I hugged Jesus after spending two days with stories remarkably different from mine. He graciously listened as I repeated them as best I could. He held me tight as I cried at the heartache of strangers. He made me coffee and shared laughs with me before sending me on my way back into the world to meet Him elsewhere.

I prayed to Jesus for healing, for compassion, for love, for acceptance, for strength. He is God. He is Faithful. He is Everywhere. He works through you, and Lord willing, He works through me.

Did you see Him today?

10 thoughts on “I Saw Jesus Today

  1. Jennifer Bellott says:

    There are no words to express how this touched me…when I met my friend, this is exactly how I felt I was just never able to put it into words…

  2. Tears. I saw him today in freedom through a phone call. Past hurts, although painful, gained a bit more light because of His willingness to share some dark moments in His own life. I also saw Jesus email a friend who struggles with self-worth & inadequacy. He let her know she’s loved & beautiful & the lies spoken to her years go mean nothing in light of how He feels for her.

  3. Judy Hardin says:

    Just wanted to tell you how sweet you are and how much I enjoyed reading your article. I wish I was brave enough to visit with some of the homeless but at my age it frightens me. When I was young we lived right by the railroad tracks and constantly had hobo’s come by asking for food. My grandma always had beans and usually cornbread to give them and then they moved on.

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