So, I write.

I’m a writer, but I have no idea what that means in today’s world. It seems everyone is a writer of some sort. I don’t have earth shattering views or an extraordinary life to fill my pages. Each chapter of my life seems short, and without the grace of the many charm classes I went through as a child. My memories fade quickly and my heart breaks and heals with the tides.

One thing binds them together. I write. Since my mom taught me how to spell out my name, anytime I let anger stew, anytime my heart is so big it could burst, anytime the world is in perfect unison with my soul, anytime my very human, raw emotions come under attack, anytime I look up and see God, I WRITE.

However, as always, there is another side of the coin. If I say, “I love you.” then someone reads it and I love the wrong person and if I say, “I hate you.” then someone reads it and obviously, I’m the devil with no soul. Writers offend no matter WHAT they say. And they offend often.

To be offended by another’s words is run-of-the-mill these days. We’ve been taught that everything anyone has written is about you personally. It’s a passive aggressive (overused phrase of the YEAR) means to erase the face from the other side of the computer and anything written is obviously meant to offend you.

Maybe those voices are right.

…but maybe, just maybe, people write from their hearts, and in perfect human nature, write for themselves, and not for you.

I know, for me, when I have a good day with my family, and I look around and see their smiling faces, my heart soars, and I want to write.

When I see a grown man cry because he has no home or family and it’s 12 degrees outside and he has nowhere to sleep, my heart breaks, and I want to write.

When I get a glimpse of what love songs truly mean in the real world, my heart melts, and I want to write.

To be me is to constantly ache for a keyboard. If me laying my heart out for the world to see offends you, it speaks to your heart, not mine.

And regardless, I love you anyway. Take THAT personally. Because I mean it.

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