Who is John Galt?

Who is John Galt? (this one might get me in trouble… lol)

I saw a post on Facebook like this the other day and at first glance thought, “Yeah! Atlas Shrugged! What a great book… We better be careful or that could happen here.”

Then I thought about that statement again.

Who IS John Galt in 2010? Here’s my personal opinion. Written creatively, of course. 😉

John Galt hasn’t been heard of in about 15 years since he was charged with running a sweatshop out of New York City, employing illegal immigrants with no benefits at wages well below minimum wage. After his charges, it is believed he fled the country and has used an alias since.

Eight years ago, Juan Gomez, who according to his secretary, had fair skin and light eyes due to his Spanish decent, was last known to have run multiple maquiladoras in northern Mexico working more than 150 Mexicans, mostly women in each factory at 1/6 the wages of the their equals in the US.

These factories have poor waste management facilities and are known for illegally dumping hazardous waste in streams and rivers in the border region. Since the US has begun actions to help Mexico with environmental issues and the people have demanded fair wages for work and enforcement by the government, it is believed Gomez fled the country, disappearing without a trace.

Jona Gahlot, a businessman in India known for having apparently come out of nowhere, arriving to the Indian business scene six years ago, has his hands in various industries throughout India, including silk, diamond, beedi, clothing (including Zari ‘shops’), fireworks, bricks and construction.

Coincidentally, these particular industries rank the highest on UNICEF’s list of child laborers in India.

Gahlot responded, “This means nothing. I’m a hard worker that understands what a full day’s work entails. I will not be heckled by those meaning to halt production under the premise of ‘fair wages’ and fair work environments. These government restrictions must stop. I have fair work environments.”

We found a 7-year-old boy who had worked in one of Gahlot’s construction sites.

“I’m sorry. I don’t think I should be talking to you. Mr. Gahlot sold this brick-kiln, and me as the worker, I go with it,” he said.

Gahlot was not available for comment at a later date.

In other news, Yuēhàn Gāo, a virtually unknown businessman before yesterday, was seen entering the business building of Yiu Yi Plastic & Mould Col, Ltd. He is believed to be looking to build a new factory for the company, one of the largest suppliers of DGC (Dollar General Corporation).

He hopes to “open up the opportunity for hundreds of jobs in the area,” he said in perfect English during a phone interview.

Dollar General is conducting several investigations into the job conditions of the workers in the Chinese factories where their suppliers are housed.

A recent article found that:

Employees work an average of 300 hours per month including excessive mandatory overtime hours that they may or may not be compensated for.

The regular hourly salary is about $0.76 per hour.
(or $130 per month, from which, the factory deducts at least $40 for dining fee and dormitory fee; workers actually get paid about $90 per month, or $0.51 per hour)

Who is John Galt?